Fire fighting type in fire fighting
Jun 27, 2018

1, fire fighting equipment include: seven fluorin propane revive revive revive equipment, carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder fire extinguishers, acid reduction revive revive foam, carbon tetrachloride, quicken hanging fixture, mechanical foam type saving, water saving, revive other appliances, etc.

Heptafluoropropane resuscitation equipment

2. Fire hydrant includes indoor fire hydrant system and outdoor fire hydrant system. Indoor fire hydrant system includes indoor fire hydrant, hose and water gun. Outdoor fire hydrant contains the ground and underground two kinds big, outdoor fire hydrant in the large petrochemical of fire fighting equipment be more extensive, due to different conditions, using the site area of unit, is limited by different, petrochemical fire water system has been mostly choose steady high pressure water system, fire hydrant into type adjustable voltage from their normal fire hydrant.

3. Breaking things, including fire axes and cutting things. As for the other, to fire control system, such as active fire detection and alarm system, active water saving system, smoke control system, fire prevention separation system, fire control broadcast system, gas saving system, emergency dispersion system, etc. A lifesaver is a simple and portable lifesaving appliance that can be moved by manpower. It can squirt out the filled lifesaving agent to remedy the fire under the internal pressure effect. The scope of application of the resuscitator is also different in the complicated process. As long as the type of the resuscitator is correctly chosen, it can effectively remedy different kinds of fires and achieve the expected effect. China's current national standard divides lifesaving devices into portable and vehicular lifesaving devices. The following is a brief introduction to the classification, application and application of portable resuscitators that people often see and touch.

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