How long is the shelf life of a fire extinguisher?
Jun 27, 2018

The shelf life of a fire extinguisher varies according to the different filled extinguishers. Family commonly used dry powder fire extinguishers, for example, a fire extinguisher normally warranty for 5 years, when the hydrostatic test and will be needed to achieve 5 years back filling, after more than 5 years, every 2 years for a water pressure test and back filling.

But, the fire extinguisher pressure gauge, cylinder valves, such as main part is missing or damaged, the shell corrosion, deformation, after use, and insufficient pressure gauge display, etc., should be for pharmaceutical filling and replacement. It is important to note that we have the fire extinguisher maintenance, filling should be to have qualification of fire extinguisher maintenance technical service institutions, and list of these institutions are usually in the provincial fire website can query.

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