How to identify a fire extinguisher
Jun 27, 2018

There are two ways to tell if the fire extinguisher in front of you is real. First of all, when buying fire extinguishers, everyone must go to the regular shop to buy. When buying a fire extinguisher, hold the fire extinguisher in your hand to see if the barometer is consistent with the technical parameters indicated on the surface of the fire extinguisher. Second, consumers can check the bottom of the fire extinguisher to see if there are steel prints. If the barometer is not consistent with the parameters and there is no steel mark on the bottom of the fire extinguisher, the product may be fake or inferior.

A simpler and more direct way is to check on the Internet. There is an S sign above the fire extinguisher and a number below it. This number is actually the fire extinguisher identification number. After logging into the China fire safety information network, the system will automatically pop up information about the fire extinguisher by entering the number. If it's a fake fire extinguisher, the system will also show.

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