How to use fire extinguishing equipment
Jun 27, 2018

1. The foam extinguisher to adapt to the fire and how to use (portable) scope of application: apply to the general class B fire, fire products such as oil, grease, etc, can also be suitable for class A fires, class B fire but not fighting the water-soluble flammable and combustible liquid fire, substances such as alcohol, ester, ether, acetone, fire; It is also unable to fight and rescue electrified equipment and class C and class D fires.

Usage: can carry the upper part of the drum lifting ring, quickly rush to the fire field. At this time should pay attention not to make the fire extinguisher excessive tilt, not to hold sideways or upside down, in order to avoid the mixing of the two agents and spurt out ahead of time. When it is about 10 meters away from the ignition point, the cylinder body can be turned upside down, with one hand holding the lifting ring and the other hand holding the bottom ring of the cylinder body, and the jet can be aimed at the burner. When extinguishing a combustible liquid fire, if it is already burning in a flowing state, the foam will be sprayed from far to near to completely cover the burning liquid surface. If it burns in the container, the foam should be shot into the inner wall of the container, allowing the foam to flow along the inner wall and gradually cover the surface of the ignition fluid. Do not spray directly on the liquid surface, so as not to be impacted by the jet flow, but the burning liquid will be washed away or out of the container, expanding the scope of combustion. When fighting a solid fire, the jet should be directed towards the burning more vigorously. As the effective spray distance is shortened, the user should gradually approach the burning area and spray foam on the burner until it is extinguished. When used, the fire extinguisher should always be kept in an inverted state, otherwise the spray will be interrupted.

(portable) foam extinguishers should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated and convenient places, not near high temperature or places that may be exposed to the sun, in order to prevent the failure of carbonic acid decomposition; Anti-freeze measures should be taken in winter to prevent freezing; And should often wipe off the dust, dredge the nozzle, keep it free.

2. The trolley type foam extinguisher is the same as the portable chemical foam extinguisher.

Method of use: use, generally by two people operation, fire extinguisher push-pull quickly to fire first, from the point of ignition stop about 10 meters, cast by a person after discharge hose, hands clasped spray gun and aimed at the burning; Another first turn the handwheel counterclockwise, will screw up to a higher position, make the cap full, then dumping cylinder backward, make the rod touches the ground, and the valve handle is rotated 90 degrees, can spray foam extinguishing. If the valve is installed at the nozzle, the valve is opened by the person responsible for operating the nozzle.

Fire extinguishing methods and precautions are basically the same as portable chemical foam extinguishers. Because this kind of fire extinguisher spray distance is far, the continuous spray time is long, therefore can give full play to its advantage, is used to save large area storage tank or tank car and so on the initial fire.

3. The scope of application of air foam extinguishers to fire and use: the scope of application is basically the same as that of chemical foam extinguishers. But the anti-soluble foam extinguisher can also save water soluble flammable, flammable liquid fire such as alcohol, ether, ketone and other solvents burning the first fire.

Usage: when using, you can run to the fire quickly with your hand or shoulder. About 6 meters away from the burner, pull out the safety pin. Press open the handle tightly, open the seal or puncture the cylinder seal, air foam can be ejected from the nozzle. Fire extinguishing method and portable chemical foam extinguisher the same. However, when using air foam fire extinguishers, keep the fire extinguisher upright all the time, do not use upside down or horizontal, otherwise, the spray will be interrupted. At the same time, you should always hold the open knob tightly, do not let go, or it will interrupt the injection.

4. Acid-base fire extinguisher is suitable for fire and its application: it is suitable for extinguishing the first fire caused by burning of class A substances, such as wood, fabric and paper. It can't be used to fight fire of class B, or fire of class C flammable gas or class D light metal. Also, it cannot be used for the fire fighting of electric objects.

Usage: when using, you should carry the upper part of the cylinder to the fire site quickly. Never carry a fire extinguisher on your back or tilt it too far to prevent it from mixing and spraying in advance. The fire extinguisher can be turned upside down and shaken several times about 6 meters from the burner to speed up the mixing of the two liquids. Holding the ring in one hand, and the bottom ring under the cylinder in the other, the jet is directed towards the burning more violently. Meanwhile, as the spray distance decreases, the user should push closer to the burning place.

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