Main USES of various fire equipment
Jun 27, 2018

1. Hydrant box

In case of fire, according to the way of the door is open, press the spring lock on the door, pin out automatically, when the door is open, remove the nozzle pull hose plate, pull the hose, at the same time connect hose and fire hydrant interface, the casing of the hydrant alarm button, the indoor fire hydrant the handwheel unscrew in the opening direction, which can perform a sprinkler.

2. Fire hose

A fire hose is a fire extinguishing water injection tool, which is connected to the hose to spray dense and substantial water. It has the advantages of long range and large amount of water. It consists of pipe and tooth interface, gun body and nozzle etc. Dc switch water gun, is the dc water gun to increase the ball valve switch and other components can be controlled by the switch water flow.

3. Hose connection button

Hose buckle: used for connecting hose, fire truck, fire hydrant and water gun. In order to transport water and foam mixture for fire-fighting. It is composed of body, seal ring seat, rubber seal ring and baffle ring and other parts. There are grooves on the seal ring seat to tie the hose. It has the characteristics of good sealing, fast connection, less effort, not easy to fall off. Pipe tooth interface: it is installed at the water inlet of water gun, and the internal screw fixing interface is installed in the fire hydrant. Fire pumps and other outlets; They are composed of body and seal ring, one end for pipe thread, one end for inner button. They are used to connect the hose.

4. Fire hose

The fire hose is a hose for water conveyance in the fire site. According to the materials, fire hose can be divided into two types: lined fire hose and unlined fire hose. The unlined water belt bears low pressure, high resistance, easy to leak, easy to mold and decay, and has a short life, which is suitable for laying in the fire field of the building. Lining hose under high pressure, wear resistance, resistance to mildew corrosion, no leakage, small resistance, durable, can be arbitrarily curved fold, random moving, easy to use, suitable for external fire laid.

5. Indoor fire hydrant

A fixed firefighting tool. The main function is to control the combustible, isolate the combustible, eliminate the source of fire. Indoor hydrant usage:

A. Open the hydrant door and press the internal fire alarm button (the button is to alarm and start the fire pump).

B. one man took the gun and the hose and ran to the fire.

C. the other person shall connect the hose and valve port.

D. Open the valve counterclockwise and let the water out. Note: make sure to cut off the power when electric fire breaks out.

6. Outdoor fire hydrant

The utility model relates to a fixed fire control connection device installed outdoors, including an outdoor above-ground fire hydrant, an outdoor underground fire hydrant, and an outdoor direct-buried telescopic fire hydrant.

Ground type on the ground water, convenient operation, but easy collision, easy to be frozen; Underground anti-freezing effect is good, but a large underground well chamber needs to be built, and it is not convenient for firefighters to connect water to the well when it is used. Outdoor direct buried telescopic hydrant at ordinary times the hydrant pressure back below the ground, when using the ground pull out work. Compared with ground type, it can avoid collision and has good anti-freeze effect. It is more convenient than underground operation.

7. tanks

Water tank is a storage tank connected with fire pipeline, which is mainly used in fire water supply equipment to better prevent fire from spreading and extinguishing.

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