Why can't a fire extinguisher spray on people?
Jun 27, 2018

Never use a fire extinguisher to spray directly on a person who is on fire, because the agent of the fire extinguisher can cause wound infection, and the consequences are very serious.

Fire extinguishers, even in heavy clothes, can be deadly. Dry powder fire extinguishers contain 50% ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and 25% ammonium sulfate, which are highly corrosive. In one case, a fire was intended to save lives with a fire extinguisher, but due to ignorance of the use of fire extinguishers with dry powder fire extinguishers sprayed on people. Despite the extinguishing of the fire on the burned people, it caused irreparable damage.

Are more common in addition to dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, avoid by all means when using this kind of fire extinguisher to bare skin spray, because temperature at 78 ℃, can cause cold burns to the people. There is also a foam fire extinguisher, but this kind of fire extinguisher can not be used in wire fire, will cause electricity.

Fire extinguishers should not be sprayed on people. Experts recommend:

(1) when a person is wearing several clothes, the skin will not burn after a fire. The clothes on fire should be removed quickly. Clothes with buttons can be grasped with both hands at the front of the left and right sides of the garment and torn with great force to take off the clothes. If you're wearing a zippered shirt, quickly unzip the lock and take it off.

(2) if a person is wearing a single coat, he may be burned after the fire. When your chest is on fire, climb quickly on the ground. Behind the clothes is on fire, should be lying on the ground, before and after the clothes are on fire, should be on the ground rolling back and forth, using physical isolation air, covering fire, but the speed of the rolling on the ground can't fast, otherwise it is not easy to fire pressure.

(3) in the home, use bedding, blankets or sacks and other things to put out the fire, the effect is good and timely, as long as you open it and cover yourself, and then quickly climb on the ground, the flame will be extinguished immediately; If there is water right next to it, you can also water it.

(4) in the wild, if there is a river or pond nearby, you can quickly jump into shallow water; But if the body has been burned, and burned wound on the skin to break, should be jumped into the water, more can't use the fire extinguisher sprayed directly into the human body, because it is easy to make the burn wounds infected bacteria.

Please keep in mind

1. Save yourself, fall down quickly, and use your body to suppress the flames.

2. Help others. It is better to cover the burning area with cotton clothes quickly, and do not use chemical clothes, or you will hurt your skin.

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