Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers, Scientific Manufacture
Jun 27, 2018

Co2 fire extinguisher has good liquidity, high eruption rate, protect the container and not easy to change, and excellent functions, used to quell the books, archives, expensive equipment, precision instruments, 600 volts at the beginning of the following electrical equipment and oil fires. It is suitable for making up class B fire (such as fire oil, diesel oil, crude oil, methanol, ethanol, asphalt, wax, etc.). Suitable for class C fires (such as gas, natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen, etc.). Make up for class E fires. The carbon dioxide resuscitator USES the filled liquid carbon dioxide to squirt out the resuscitator. It is composed of cylinder body, bottle valve, ejection system and other components.

The co2 fire extinguisher is divided into: (1) portable co2 fire extinguisher. The total weight is less than or equal to 28kg, and the specifications are 2kg, 3kg, 5kg and 7kg. (2) cart type carbon dioxide resuscitator. The total weight is more than 28kg, and its specifications are 20kg and 25kg. Carbon dioxide resuscitator is used to make up for the initial fire of all kinds of combustible liquid and combustible gas. And electric equipment and precision electronic equipment, expensive equipment fire. But should not be used when blowing strong wind outdoors, in narrow small and closed space after use, want timely ventilation or personnel evacuation site, in case of asphyxiation. At normal pressure, liquid carbon dioxide vaporizes instantly, and a typical kilogram of liquid carbon dioxide can ignite about half a cubic metre of gas.

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