Explain The Type Standard And Meaning Of Fire Extinguisher
Jun 27, 2018

The model of fire extinguisher in our country is compiled according to the regulations of "method of designing model of fire extinguisher". It consists of classes, groups, feature codes, and major parameters.

Class, group and characteristic code are denoted by capital Chinese pinyin alphabet. The main parameters represent the charge of the fire extinguisher, expressed in Arabic letters. Arabic numerals represent the weight or volume of the extinguishing agent, usually in kilograms or liters. It is the code name of the fire extinguisher. It's usually expressed as "M".

The code name of extinguishing agent is as follows: p-foam extinguishing agent, acid and alkali extinguishing agent; F - dry powder extinguishing agent; T - carbon dioxide extinguishing agent; Y - 1211 extinguishing agent; Sq-water extinguishing agent.

The formal number is the third in the model, which is the code name for the structural characteristics of various fire extinguishers. At present, the structure features of fire extinguisher is portable (hand wheel), trolley type, duck-billed, vessel and vehicle type, knapsack five kinds, including model with S, T, Z, Z, B MFZ, MFZL type.

Portable stored-pressure dry powder fire extinguisher has the characteristics of simple and safe operation, high extinguishing efficiency and quick extinguishing. The inner dry powder extinguishing agent has the advantages of good electrical insulation performance, not easy to be affected by dampness, easy to keep and so on. Pressure gauges are installed on the fire extinguisher bottle head valve to display internal pressure and facilitate inspection and maintenance.

MFZ is a sodium bicarbonate extinguishing agent, suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of flammable liquid, combustible gas and electric equipment. MFZL is an ammonium phosphate extinguishing agent, suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of combustible solid, combustible liquid, combustible gas and electric equipment.

MFZ and MFZL dry powder fire extinguishers can be widely used in oil fields, oil reservoirs, factories, stores, power distribution rooms and other places. Specifications: MFZ(L)1, MFZ(L)2, MFZ(L)3, MFZ(L)4, MFZ(L)5, MFZ(L)6, MFZ(L)8, etc.

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