Four Pieces Of Household Fire Equipment
Jun 27, 2018

The living conditions are getting better and better, the use of electrical appliances is increasing, and the fire is getting worse and worse. According to the fire department fire accident, a fire in the family in, often because the early stage of the fire could not handle in time, and make the fire spreading, even tragic outcome, this is the family has not been equipped with some household type fire equipment equipment, these, all fire direct guide line. The public is lack of fire control knowledge and emergency measures for dangerous situations.

Let me tell you about the importance of household fire fighting equipment:

1. Domestic fire extinguisher:

Any fire starts small. If you have a fire extinguisher at home and can operate it skillfully, you can put it out as soon as a spark ignites.

2. Escape rope:

When a fire is out of control, it must be considered first. If you live on the third floor above, stair channels blocked, at this time if the home has a long, thick rope and then tie the rope can be segmented, and then tied to a solid object, along the rope climbing, can escape.

3. Light flashlight:

There was a fire at night, and when the circuit burned down, the room was dark. Especially in the sleep, it has not been clear what happened, the home has been a sea of fire. At this point, a flashlight is needed to illuminate an escape route.

4. Simple smoke mask:

The smoke from the fire was harmful, and many of the dead were suffocated by smoke. If you have a few smoke masks in your home, you can protect yourself from the smoke in a critical situation and survive. When you first learn of the fire, call the police. If it is a small fire, be brave and timely to fight to prevent the fire from expanding. If a fire is found to be large and there is an influx of smoke, choose to escape immediately. Do not love property, light pack escape, escape, cover with wet towel mouth and nose, bow body, down the stairs. The lower floors allow you to slip downstairs with sheets and ropes. In case of fire, do not return to the house until safety is confirmed.

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