How To Identify Fire Equipment Correctly
Jun 27, 2018

With the continuous development of science and technology of the society, more and more fake and inferior fire control products on the market, many users less contact with fire control products, plus the management of fire control products do not understand, a little do not pay attention to when buying it is easy to buy fake and inferior products. Here are some simple identification methods.

Appearance identification: the surface and packaging of normal fire protection products should have clear and durable marks, including product marks and quality inspection marks (certificate of qualification). The appearance marks of fake and inferior products are often vague and rough. If the trademark on the fake hydrant valve body is cast indistinctly; There is no specification and model mark on the interface; Fire hose does not mark "fire" word, such as deliberate confusion.

Relevant certification and product quality inspection report to identify: the fire product quality certification commission implement product quality certification of fire protection products are: gas fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarm controller, point type heat, smoke detector, manual alarm button, integrated fire control equipment, sprinkler, wet alarm valve, water flow instructions, fire pressure switch, fire hose ten varieties. These products must be certified and certified.

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