How To Use Fire Equipment Most Effectively?
Jun 27, 2018

Fire fighting equipment is the most important fire fighting tool in the fire field, and correct control and use of fire fighting equipment will play an irreplaceable role in reducing casualties and property losses in the fire. Therefore, the correct use of various fire equipment is a very important part of fire work.

As is known to all, the most commonly used fire extinguishing materials are water, foam, C02, dry powder, halogenated alkanes, etc. However, because the physical quality of the user and the size, performance and scope of use of the fire extinguisher are different, the fire extinguisher objects and use occasions are also different.

Therefore, under the same conditions when facing a fire, whoever has the initiative to put out the fire and who will correctly use the relevant fire extinguishers will minimize the disaster. But in the real life many industry employees still do not know how to handle fire extinguishers properly, some people do not know what kind of fire with what kind of fire extinguishers! Shortly before a picture on a television ironic: one is passing vehicles rushed out of the fire, the pilot quickly out of the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, but seven with eight me is not used, but other vehicle drivers live help to head off a danger... In the fire accidents over the years, 90% of cases involving hotels, hospitals, business markets and production enterprises are involved. Rural areas account for 10%. Among them, each kind of supermarket occupies the highest proportion. Therefore, we assume an assumption that the direct parties to the above ten fire accidents know some necessary fire control measures. If these parties can master all kinds of fire control equipment skillfully, so even if fire occurs, casualties, property losses will not be recorded in the "national top 10". Therefore, with the continuous development of the society and the rapid development of urban construction, the market-oriented operation has been dominant in the economic lifeline. In such circumstances, fire management work is to establish and perfect the culmination of a harmonious society, and the citizens pay attention to fire prevention consciousness, as soon as possible to understand, master and use a variety of fire equipment is the key to solve the problem.

Therefore, in order to make the fire equipment in front of us not to become decoration, the key moment to pick up, spray out, we must improve the fire safety awareness of the whole staff on the hard work. Here in addition to all walks of life to strengthen staff education training, the society should also make full use of various publicity tool, a target for the performance of all kinds of fire extinguishers, usage, operation essentials. At the same time, fire prevention drills can be carried out on the site in places and places that are prone to fire in cities. In addition, we will establish and improve voluntary fire control organizations at all levels to drive and influence the general public through group prevention, so that everyone can become a "skilled worker" of fire control equipment.

The day when the fire equipment is used skillfully, is the time when the city fire situation loss is the smallest!

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