The History Of Fire Extinguishers
Jun 27, 2018

Fire extinguishing equipment is usually ignored by people at ordinary times, when the need to show great skills in the fire necessary things. Especially in tall buildings stand bristly, indoor use a lot of lumber, plastic, fabric decorate today, once had the fire situation, did not have proper extinguishing appliance, can cause great calamity.

Ancient fire extinguishing equipment is very simple, nothing more than hooks, axes, shovels, barrels and so on. The first truly dedicated fire extinguisher was invented in 1816 by Sir John manby of Norfolk, a British ship's captain.

By the middle of the 19th century, French doctor galea had invented the portable chemical fire extinguisher. Mix sodium bicarbonate with water in a tube, and use a glass bottle to hold sulfuric acid in the opening. When used, the impactor breaks the bottle, mixes the chemicals, produces carbon dioxide, and pushes the water out of the bucket.

In 1905, Russia in st Petersburg, a professor of Laurent invented a foam extinguishing agent, the aluminum sulfate mixed with sodium bicarbonate solution and adding stabilizer, jet generated after contains carbon dioxide bubbles, floating on the burning of oil, paint or gasoline, can effectively cut off oxygen, smothering extinguish the flame.

In 1909, Davidson of New York obtained a patent for using carbon dioxide to squeeze carbon tetrachloride out of a fire extinguisher, a liquid that would immediately become a heavy, non-combustible gas to extinguish the flames. Since then, there have been dry powder fire extinguishers, liquid carbon dioxide extinguishers and other small fire extinguishers.

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