The Importance Of Proper Use Of Fire Equipment
Jun 27, 2018

Fire equipment is the most direct fire extinguishing tool in the fire field, and how to correctly master and use fire equipment will play an irreplaceable role in reducing casualties and property losses in the fire.

Therefore, in order to make the fire equipment in front of us not to become decoration, the key moment to pick up, spray out, we must improve the fire safety awareness of the whole staff on the hard work. Here in addition to all walks of life to strengthen staff education training, the society should also make full use of various publicity tool, a target for the performance of all kinds of fire extinguishers, usage, operation essentials. At the same time, fire prevention drills can be carried out on sites and ground sections that are prone to fire in cities. In addition, we will establish and improve voluntary fire control organizations at all levels to drive and influence the general public through group prevention, so that everyone can become a "skilled worker" of fire control equipment.

As is known to all, there are three stages of the happening of the fire, which began, violent, put out, the general fire 5-10 minutes enter the stage of the spread of the fire, so is particularly important for the fires in a timely manner at the beginning of the fighting. Therefore, it is an important measure to reduce loss and prevent fire loss to make full use of all kinds of fire-fighting equipment in our existing conditions. The most commonly used fire-extinguishing materials are water, foam, CO2, dry powder, halogenated alkanes, etc. However, the physical quality of the personnel and the size, performance and use range of fire extinguishers are different, so the fire extinguishers and the use occasions are different. When the fire broke out, we will give the alarm to the 119, at the same time to master all kinds of fire fighting equipment in our work life, the fire control in the initial state, to assure the safety of our life and property.

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