Three Mistakes With Fire Extinguishers
Jun 27, 2018

Fire extinguisher is a common type of fire equipment around us, they are not only small volume, and is also very convenient to use and in the event of a fire, we only need according to certain way, you can use them to put out a fire in the most. When we don't use a fire extinguisher, it is stored on one side. Here are three mistakes of using a fire extinguisher:

On fire: fire extinguishers can only be used for out the primary fire, must grasp the time to think of effect, this means that the owner was found in the car a burning smell, should use the fire extinguisher to save, or meet again after open to save, even using volume again big fire extinguisher has become "a drop in the bucket". Timing is more important than the size of the fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher head: when using a fire extinguisher, the owner should not spray to the surface of the flame, but should aim at the root of the flame, and confirm that all the flames have been extinguished before removing the fire extinguisher.

Wu hood: some people think that open the hood, will make the air to enter, let the fire more popular, even if you don't open the hood, the air is interlinked, meet fire opened the hood, after the first time it is very important to get the point of ignition.

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