What Are The Categories Of Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Devices
Jun 27, 2018

Dry powder extinguishing device is one of we often see fire extinguishing installation, believe that many people have heard of, actually dry powder extinguishing device is divided into several different dry powder extinguishing device applicable scope is different, we need to clarify these questions, to better use of dry powder extinguishing device. Here's how different dry powder fire extinguishers differ.

Dry powder fire extinguishing device

(1) common dry powder. Dry powder based on sodium bicarbonate (potassium carbonate), used to extinguish fire in inflammable liquid, gas and electric equipment. Among them, sodium bicarbonate dry powder is a common one. Sodium bicarbonate dry powder has low cost, wide application range and fast fire extinguishing speed, but poor fluidity and hydrophobicity, which affect fire fighting effectiveness. Sodium bicarbonate, a fully silicated dry powder, has overcome these shortcomings, and its anti-moisture and anti-agglomeration properties have been improved significantly, so it has good fluidity, long storage period and better extinguishing efficiency.

(2) dry powder of ammonium phosphate. Also called multi-purpose dry powder, it can be used to extinguish the fire of combustible solid, combustible liquid, combustible gas and electric equipment, so it is also called ABC dry powder. Main ingredients for ammonium phosphate, hydrogen phosphate iron, by dihydrogen phosphate or pyrophosphate, joined by sulfate, silicone oil, such as additive, adopts full silicide moistureproof process, make the powder particles to form hydrophobic protective layer, achieve the goal of moistureproof, prevent agglomeration.

(3) dry powder based on sodium chloride, potassium chloride, barium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, etc. is used to extinguish light metal fires.

Above is what we often see the three kinds of dry powder extinguishing device, we need a simple awareness of the three common fire-fighting equipment, everyone can learn about, so as to better protect their own safety.

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